1. Abbreviations

    American Petroleum Institute
    ISO 14001
    International standard stipulating globally recognised requirements for environmental management systems
    International Monetary Fund
    Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V. [German Engineering Federation]
  2. Key Corporate and Technical Terms

    Cyber-physical system
    A network of computing elements (software and hardware) and mechanical and electronic components which communicate via a data infrastructure, such as for example the Internet.
    Variable speed system
    Electronic device which adjusts pump speed in line with the required head and flow rate
    Triple-offset butterfly valve
    Butterfly valve design suitable for use in applications with extremely high and low temperatures. The triple-offset design ensures that the valve opens and closes smoothly.
    KSB programme to increase the efficiency of pump systems
    Industry 4.0
    A visionary project from the German government’s future technologies strategy
    KSB Sonolyzer
    Smartphone app capable of analysing the efficiency of fixed speed pump systems equipped with asynchronous motors
    Retrofit measures
    Modernisation of installed systems or components, often aimed at extending their service life, increasing efficiency or complying with new legislation
    Synchronous reluctance motor
    Highly energy-efficient motors whose specially designed rotor laminations guide the lines of magnetic flux. Rare earths are not required to manufacture these motors.
    UN Global Compact
    A global initiative for businesses and organisations launched by the United Nations with the aim of shaping social and ecological globalisation
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